Princeton Patio

Food Truck Court

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Rotating food trucks keeps downtown Princeton, TX exciting!

213 East McKinney Street

Princeton, TX 75407

Serving delicious food to-go


The safety of the public during the COVID-19 is our #1 concern! 

Our Pledge: 

We, the owner/operators of the food truck community, hereby pledge to upohold the following standards of safety & sanitation

  • Cards only, NO CASH

  • Extra sanitation measures including, cleaning register after every transaction and extra surface cleanings, wearing gloves and disposing of them in-between transactions.

  • No employees with symptoms or known possible exposure

  • All orders are packaged TO GO

  • No communal sauces/condiments

  • No public utensils

Truck Vendor
Burger and Frise

With the booming housing market in Princeton, Texas, the Downtown Historic District is the prime GO-TO area to accompany all the exciting changes taking place in our growing community. We have rotating food trucks that will offer a variety of cuisine choices.  Come join us, and pick up your TO-GO order today!

Currently Princeton is revamping their downtown area and we have prime space to help liven up the town.  We are in the preliminary stages of setting up the space and our food trucks are currently serving TO-GO food only...Come join us!


We are updating the food truck rotation schedule, so please check back to find out which food trucks will be available each day, as well as their service hours.

Right now the trucks onsite include:

  • Ay Papito

  • Chicago Taste & More

  • Ragin Casian

  • Caribbean Cajun

  • Southern Gourmet

  • Zuzu's Creamery

  • Kitty Bunny Bakery

Burger Sliders


Interested in Parking your truck here?

Please feel free to contact us and check out the space.  We'd love to hear from you. 

We're looking for semi-permanent or temporary food trucks either to stay parked or to rotate. We'll add you to our website.

Thanks for submitting!